Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still no internet - Part II

In this exciting blog entry, we can write that we still have no internet.  The battle continues.  The good news is we have lots of blogging to do once we get a steady internet connection.

Perhaps a little unfair, we but do want to share a US-to-Hungary comparative point:  Our friend Kate who lives in Seattle requested on Thursday to move her internet service to a different flat.  The company said they could move the service within 3-days. So on the third day--Sunday no less!--they arrived on time changed the service and she had working internet.  I believe too the service change was free.  In contrast, we are waiting now for almost 3-weeks now...have been told that the service is working when it isn't...and of course are having to pay for the service while not being able to use it + a change fee is charged!

p.s.  We continue to update our Twitter (see to the left-side of our blog).


Michael said...

I think you may be some of the only non famous people over 30 who are twittering. Congrats!

Diane Kappa said...

You will be doing it to before you know it!