Friday, January 30, 2009

"Past, Present and Possible"

When Steve and I were planning our move, we asked our Hungarian friends in Seattle,
"What drives you crazy about Americans. What do we do that makes us so American?"

The number one answer....
"You smile too much, are too optimistic and have a solution for every problem."

We asked the question so that we knew not to do it.....And I try not to be too optimistic, smile too much or find solutions to problems.....and I hate it! It is miserable. Especially now when it is too easy to do all of these things. So, I look for quotes, inspiring articles anything to give me hope for a future that is so unclear....and this is what I find...

Click HERE

My new motto: "Past, present and possible"
Thank you to Peter Saville for sharing his motto in Elle Decoration...which now is my motto.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home Alone...Part Two

Steve is off to Orlando, Florida today to attend a conference! I am so jealous!

He left today and will return on Monday. It is a very short trip considering he will travel more than 14 hours one way!

Budapest Temperature:
37 degrees F/3 degrees c

Orlando Temperature:
78 degrees F/26 degrees c

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Diane's Trip to Frankfurt

I returned from Frankfurt last Sunday. I had a fantastic time!

Steve took me to the train station on Thursday morning. I meet up with the group and we boarded the train. There were 18 of us. All Hungarian (and me). Mostly artists and designers. We took a train to Vienna and then another to Frankfurt. The train ride was around 10 hours. It sounds bad-10 hours on a train-but it was very nice. The snowy landscape and the conversations made it all go by so quickly. Plus I love traveling by train!

We stayed in a nice youth hostel. There were 4 of us to a room in bunk beds. The shower and bathroom we shared with everyone else on the floor. We were of all ages...9 to 58 (Szilvi brought her daughter). We laughed, ate, shared stories (some translated for me) and enjoyed each others company. It was fantastic!

We attended a show called Heimtextil. It is one of the largest textile shows in Europe. We attended the show on Friday and Saturday. And headed back by train on Sunday.

To summarize this trip is difficult. It was, however, just what I needed. It was so nice to be around so many talented and inspiring women (and a man-there was one). I spent two days networking with companies and meeting future clients. I even meet with a friend from Nordstrom for lunch!! It was so nice to see a familiar face from Seattle. In the evenings, I would meet with the Hungarian group for dinner. We would then head to a pub or for a walk around the city. One night I ended up in a room with 7 other women learning a card game called Rikiki-we played until 12:30 at night!

I made so many friends and had such a great time. Here are a few photos....

The group!
In the train's dining car heading to Frankfurt
Anna, Zsuzsanna and Larisa
Walking to the pub in Frankfurt
Finally off the train, checked into our rooms and off to the pub!I love this guy--the master bartender. Check out the rows
of porcelain beer pitchers in the background!
Snowy Frankfurt
Two of my room mates: Márta and Ágnes
I never got to eat Bratwurst while I was there:(
Learning one two
on the train ride home

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Korean Day with the International Womens Club

I have never thought of myself as one to join a club, but on Wednesday I decided to attend the International Women's Club for their general meeting. The theme: "Korean Day".

I entered a huge room where around 200 women from all over the world were getting together to experience everything Korea! I found my friend Fiona (I meet Fiona in Hungarian classes). We found a table and listened to the Korean Ambassador speak, watched Korean fan dancing, live opera, folk games being played, and a Korean fashion show. The best part...Korean lunch! A buffet of bulgogi, kimchi, and lots of other tasty dishes!

It was a fantastic time! I will be attending the next event:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speechless, Emotional and Proud

Last week Diane told Steve she wanted to watch the inauguration live. He successfully found an Irish bar that promised to have there TV's tuned in. So, at 4:00 we went to the bar and at 5:30 we watched, we toasted and we applauded. What a night!

There were lots of photographers and reports at the bar getting all the smiles on camera. The guy in the photo below with his arm up was so happy and so loud that the cameras were focused on him all night. The funny thing, he wasn't even American:)
Diane and Steve at Becketts Irish Pub
Andi joined us in the celebrations

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home Alone!

Steven is home alone in Budapest.  Diane would be happy however that he is cleaning the house, doing laundry and eating well...mostly.

editorial:  I really could never stand this movie. - Steven

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A simple hello

Just a simple update to say hello. We don't have any photos to post or any exciting stories. We are happy to have our boxes from the states. Our apartment feels more like home with familiar things around us. Diane has been sick for the past week and Steve has been crazy with work. It has been freezing cold here-averaging 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is so cold that there are chunks of ice floating down the Danube River.

Diane leaves for Frankfurt on Thursday. She is attending a huge textile show with 20 other Hungarian textile designers. It should be an inspiring and productive trip for her. She will post photos from the trip when she gets back on Sunday.

Until then, have a good week and stay warm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucky 13

They have arrived! All 13 boxes. After months of waiting, negotiating, translating and testing our patience, we received all 13 boxes today. We (Steve mostly) climbed 3 flights of stairs over and over to get them to our living room. Here are some photos..

The last time we saw our boxes..August.
The boxes in their new home! It is like Christmas!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweet Treats!

I went to the post office on Monday and what did I find?? Two boxes from our friend Margarita! I came home and started working and the boxes kept calling from the table, "open me, open me". I patiently waited for Steve to get home and then we busted them open. So many treats! Soap, candle, cookies and nuts, coffee and tea and a book! We had so much fun opening all the gifts. We didn't get off the couch until 1/2 the box of candy Cane Joe Joes were gone:) Thank you Margarita!!
Steve thinking about a cup of coffee
Diane chowing down on Candy Cane Joe Joe's

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What the New Year will bring?

While in Estonia, Kätlin told us of a tradition of fortune telling on New Years Eve. You melt tin and pour it into a pot of cold water. The tin solidifies and forms different shapes. These often abstract shapes predict what the New Year will bring.

We bought some tin before we left Estonia. In the photo, the horseshoe is what the tin looks like before we melted it. The shapes on the left are Diane's. The two shapes below the horseshoe are Steven's.

What do you think they look like? What do they predict for us in 2009?

We would love to hear your interpretations!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boldog Új Évet!!

Happy New Year from Budapest!!

We had a great New Years Eve! We started off with a bite of Mexican food where we watched the Hungarians and tons of tourists walk by. Everyone was dressed up with masks and...bunny ears...Fireworks were being released everywhere!

Then we were off to our first party of the evening! Our friend Eva invited us to join her to meet up with her friends. We went to a fun bar called Katapult Kávéház. It felt very Seattle and the DJ was AWESOME!
Steve at Arriba Taqueria
Diane at Katapult Kávéház
Katapult Kávéház
Katapult Kávéház
Then we headed to a Buddhist dance party. I can try to explain it....It was at a Buddhist community center where people live, meditate and practice Buddhism. Boy, can they throw a party! Dancing, terrible drinks and ton of people! We stayed until 3:30 am then headed home.

Steven and Eva at the dance party
Eva and her friend
Steven and Diane