Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boldog Új Évet!!

Happy New Year from Budapest!!

We had a great New Years Eve! We started off with a bite of Mexican food where we watched the Hungarians and tons of tourists walk by. Everyone was dressed up with masks and...bunny ears...Fireworks were being released everywhere!

Then we were off to our first party of the evening! Our friend Eva invited us to join her to meet up with her friends. We went to a fun bar called Katapult Kávéház. It felt very Seattle and the DJ was AWESOME!
Steve at Arriba Taqueria
Diane at Katapult Kávéház
Katapult Kávéház
Katapult Kávéház
Then we headed to a Buddhist dance party. I can try to explain it....It was at a Buddhist community center where people live, meditate and practice Buddhism. Boy, can they throw a party! Dancing, terrible drinks and ton of people! We stayed until 3:30 am then headed home.

Steven and Eva at the dance party
Eva and her friend
Steven and Diane


grandma J. said...

Looks like great fun in Budapest on New Year's Eve. Have another great day today, wishing you and Steve a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Love you and miss you. Grandpa and Grandma Jj

Jane said...

i want to go to a buddist dance party!!!!

it's just one fun adventure after another for you two!

so glad you are having so many fun experiences.

happy new year. miss you! jane `