Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Last Look at Tallinn Estonia

We arrived back in Budapest last night. We went to the market today and stocked up on on food before everything shut down for the holiday. We are heading out to the streets tonight where Budapest will turn into a big street party!

Our last day in Estonia we spent in Old Town. We walked around looking at shops, having a coffee and hanging out with Katlin and Kail. We had such a nice time in Estonia. Being away from family during the holidays is hard. Spending time with our friends in Estonia made it a bit easier. We can not thank the Kruusmaa's enough.

Here are a few photos from our walk around Old Town Tallinn...

old town meets new town
Tallinn Christmas Market
Kail and a wolf who was selling sheep skin rugs.
He swears he didn't kill the sheep....he is a "good wolf".
Birds on the street
Steven, Kail and Katlin
Getting on our connecting flight from Prague to Budapest.
Until tomorrow...have a safe and Happy New Years Eve!

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