Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where's Diane and Steven?

We arrived in Tallinn, Estonia, a couple of days ago. Kätlin greeted us at the airport and whisked us away to their home just outside Tallinn. We spent a couple days with Kätlin and Ivo and their darling daughter, Kail. We'll post some photos soon...

We then traveled to Viljandi where we stayed with Anu Raud, one of Estonia's greatest textile artists. More stories and photos coming soon!

Below: Here we are on the way to the bus from Anu's home in the countryside. A sled comes in handy when the snow is deep and your roll bags can't roll. We walked 200 meters (650 feet) in the beautiful snow.
Click below to watch a short movie of Anu's home.


grandma J. said...

What a beautiful countryside! Snow and all. Enjoy your visit with your friends,and I will e-mail you when you are available.

Love you!!

Diane Kappa said...

I thought of Grandpa. He would have loved the meal I had on the farm...jellied meat, blood sausage and lamb pate-all home made. I tried everything and thought of Grandpa. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the blood sausage. I will email more later.
I miss you,

Audrey said...

Enjoying blood sausage! Wow, I'm impressed! I do prefer blood sausage to jellied meat, but would avoid both if given a option :)

The Viljandi scenery looks so peaceful and beautiful covered in snow! Enjoy your white Christmas in Eestimaa!

We're heading south to Florida tomorrow to spend Christmas with Dan's mother - a palm tree Christmas?

Diane Kappa said...

Hello Audrey,
Enjoy Florida! Yes, I can not eat a lot of blood sausage but I find it interesting and somewhat tasty...when in the mood.
Merry Christmas to you and Dan!

Jane said...

LOVE the pics with the sled and your luggage! it looks so beautiful there. enjoy your travels and merry christmas!