Saturday, January 3, 2009

What the New Year will bring?

While in Estonia, Kätlin told us of a tradition of fortune telling on New Years Eve. You melt tin and pour it into a pot of cold water. The tin solidifies and forms different shapes. These often abstract shapes predict what the New Year will bring.

We bought some tin before we left Estonia. In the photo, the horseshoe is what the tin looks like before we melted it. The shapes on the left are Diane's. The two shapes below the horseshoe are Steven's.

What do you think they look like? What do they predict for us in 2009?

We would love to hear your interpretations!


marlene7038 said...

It's very obvious to me:
Diane is going to do a bit of fishing this year.
She will accidently catch Stevens duck as he is going for one of her fish.
The duck, and fish got caught in a glob of Stevens seaweed.
Oh yeah, and Diane is going to adopt a one legged bird.

Anonymous said...

Well now let me see? I see a bird leaving the nest.
Then I see a bug wee weeing into a pond. and it all came from the horseshoe. I think?
Love Ya's and miss you all. Gramps.

Peggy said...

Okay. Diane's looks like a flower and Steve's looks like a duck and a nest. So interpretation. Diane is an artist in the works and Steve is out of the nest experiencing new frontiers.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Diane's: stubs on the path up the stem - fits and starts with the language and some lonely flowing into a bulb that will burst into bloom this year.
Steven's: all clumped together trying to keep everything tight while bits and pieces keep popping out. 2009 he will transform into a bird ready to float with the hope of flight.

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

I do not know who the last "Anonymous" comment is from but I really like it! Who are you Anonymous?