Sunday, May 10, 2009

Easter Celebrations

I know it has been a month since Easter but I have to tell you how we spent the holiday.

Our friend Andi’s parents invited us over for a traditional Easter celebration, including “sprinkling”. Easter meal is on Saturday and consists of boiled eggs, ham and horseradish (4 types of horseradish were served!). On Easter Monday, it’s customary for boys and men to sprinkle girls and women with a few drops of perfume (yeah right! I think more than a few drops was sprinkled on me!) They’re rewarded for this with an Easter egg (painted or chocolate). Most girls (myself included) wash their hair thoroughly on Monday evening to remove the strong smell of cologne. Early customs were much more exciting, with village boys splashing buckets of water over the girls.

Andi prepared me for this tradition by telling me I must bring 4 decorated eggs to her house. Four eggs for the four men who would sprinkle me. Not only was perfume sprayed on me in quantities that would kill any insect that came close to me, but also a nice seltzer bottle filled with ice cold H2O was used to squirt us down. You can see by the photos this was fun for the boys.

It was a great day. Fantastic food, great friends and lots of laughs.Enjoy the photos.

Steve helped me dye eggs the natural way
(I always used the kits growing up).
We used rubber bands and onion skins. I think they
turned out beautiful. They look like chocolate or wood.
Do you think our personalities come through in the way we decorate the eggs?
Adri and Diane
True love-Ed and Andi
Diane-after sprinkled with the water...cold
Adri running. She looks like a little girl in this photo.
Joszef running after Adri.
Joszef, Adri and Ed
Be nice
Mom and Son
Sorry there are no photos of Steven. He was busy taking photos and I was busy running from the boys.

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