Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A visit to Esceri Market

Our friends Sasha and Laura visited us last week from Seattle. We had a great time showing them Budapest. It was really nice having them visit. We took them to all our favorite places and introduced them to a few of our new freinds. One of the places we visited was Esceri Market. You can find anything at this huge Hungarian flea market -- antique furntiure, Herend Pottery, portfolios of artists (made me sad), old paintings, clothing, and toys. Not to mention a few war relics and tons of textiles. Here are a few photos I took at the market.

This made me so sad. All I can say is
that they look ashamed.
I wanted to buy
them all and give them a home.

Buy me! Buy me!
Aren't I cute!
Kinda Creepy.


Peggy said...

Vanessa and Mel would like a bear. What is the cost?

Lynn said...

Looks like the Island of Misfit toys!