Saturday, May 16, 2009

At least there are roses

I got a call yesterday from T-home and they said...
"Sorry but you can not get internet from us. We cannot tell you why but we can tell you that it won't work. Also, we recommend you don't cancel your account and you have to keep paying until Sept 29, even though we can not give you service. You do have two options: sell your contract to someone who needs internet or pay 35,000HUF ($165) to cancel."
We are obviously going to fill an official complaint. We have gone to a new company and started this process over. We paid 5000HUF ($25) to have the internet set up quicker. We should have internet by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed.

On a good note, we love our new flat. The roses are blooming and I have bought some potted herbs along with some hanging plants. We are eating many dinners outside and will relax tonight with a glass of wine on the patio:) Here is a photo I took earlier today. If you click on the photo it should enlarge and you can see all the roses in bloom.

We miss you and hope to see you on Skype soon.


Peggy said...

I put this photo as my wallpaper on the computer at work. Makes me feel a little closer to you guys. It would be neat to have you two sitting at the table enjoying your wine!

Diane Kappa said...

Hi Peggy. I think you should look at flights. It would be nice to have you visit. :)