Thursday, April 30, 2009

We await your arrival

I am sorry we haven’t posted anything substantial in so long. (Sorry Steve, I don’t count Mr. T) Not having internet has been a pain. We are able to check email but we can not upload photos or surf the internet. Anytime we want to do any real internet work we need to head to a café. So, the posts have been short, sweet and few. Sorry.

So, now a real post (sent from a café:)

We moved a few weeks ago. We love our new flat. It is still in Budapest but in a more residential area. I took a walk yesterday and really got a good look at the neighborhood-and I love it! The bus is close and only 3 stops away from the metro that takes you right to down town. Total commute is about 35 minutes. People here think that is long and to far away from the center. For us it is nothing. In Seattle we commuted 45 minutes by bus to get home. And sometimes the commute was longer when there was a baseball game. So 35 minutes is great!

Our place is smaller than our last flat but has many windows and even a small yard. I am anxious to start a small potted herb garden. We get a little sun but the tree outside the window blocks the sun from beating in all day long. This is good, especially in the summer. Our couch folds out to accommodate guests. Sorry there is no separate room but the way the flat was designed you will have the privacy you need:)

Here are a few photos. We await your arrival:)

Our patio outside the bedroom.
The Kitchen. They call this an American kitchen
because it is open to the rest of the house.
Very unique for Hungary.
The living room
My wonderful desk and beautiful view!
The bedroom with the door that opens up to the patio
We will post again soon. We have had so much going on that we have a lot to share with you.


Peggy said...


What a great place! I would never want to leave!

Looks like home.

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

Mom - We love it! In our old place we'd get stir crazy, but here we can relax and if we do want to get out we can take a nice relaxing walk in the neighborhood. - Steven

grandma J. said...

I agree with Peggy. So happy that you are happy with the move.

Talk to you soon.
Grandma J.

Amy H said...

Such a cool new place. I wish I could visit. I love reading your blog so keep updating and adding photos! I hope you are both well and learning lots of Hungarian slang.

Kätlin said...


I will come in the autumn :) Save the place for me.