Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still no internet at home...but we have Twitter now!

The internet trials and tribulations continue...  In the meantime, we set-up a Twitter account.  Twitter is a quick way to update folks.  We can send by mobile phone a SMS (text message) telling people what we are up to.  Twitter only allows you to use 140 letters, so brevity is a must.

Hopefully this will help us circumvent not having internet sometimes.  Yet another way to communicate!

Take a look to the left under Diane & Steven to see the latest Twitter updates.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Your new home looks delightful so far, I love the door and roses. I miss you both but it is sure easier being able to hear how well you are and what fun adventures you are having. Spring seems to have finally arrived hear as well. 70+ with some sunshine - sandals baby. Took a trip to San Diego recently and enjoyed some tasty Mexican food and great times with dear friend Jeffrey. Off to Spokane next week : )Much Love, big hugs and kisses, Margarita

Diane Kappa said...

Hi Margarita! I miss you! I had a good birthday although we are celebrating tomorrow just the two of us.
We still do not have internet at home...when we get it I will call you:)
hugs and kisses!