Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Gasman cometh...and taketh.

We thought several months ago that the Russian-Ukrainian gas problem would result in no natural gas for Hungary.  Oh no!  There are more sinister powers in the world!

Two days ago there was a knock at the door.  Waiting on the other side were two technicians from the natural gas company.  They were here to disconnect (shut down!) our gas.  Why?  Our property management company--which does little "management"--had not paid the gas bill.  There is a much longer blog entry about this so-called property management company that we will save for another time.

So now, with one week away from moving to our new flat (thank goodness!), we have no hot water and are not able use our stove.  So the electric water kettle and microwave are coming in handy.

...and the journey continues...

p.s.  We stumbled across this song aptly named "The Gasman Cometh" by Flanders & Swan.  It very accurately describes our least it do so humorously.

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