Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you!  ...we miss you.

We are still in flux from our move and don't have internet at home (yet).  We are actually in a mall in a casino on Easter Sunday on the internet!   ...did I mention drinking a beer :-)

We've had two Easter dinners.  At the first dinner, the Fülop family invited us into their lovely home.  We had dinner in their garden...and Diane was properly watered.  We'll post photos and explain why Diane was watered soon.

At our second dinner, the family who owns the house we live in invited us upstairs to enjoy their dinner.  So nice of them!  This is a great example how Hungarians are both nice folks and very hospitable.

We hope the Easter bunny visited you!


grandma J. said...

Happy belated Easter to both of you. What gracious friends you have and are looking forward to your photos of the past week.

Lots of love,
Grandma and grandpa J

Diane Kappa said...

Happy belated Easter Grandma. We are still without internet:( I will call as soon as we have it. I hope grandpa is feeling better.
Love you,