Saturday, March 14, 2009

First 100 grams of Hungarian Paprika!

"We have just finished our first 100 grams (0.22 lbs) of Hungarian paprika.  Diane is hoping if she eats enough of it that she'll start speaking Hungarian.  It is worth a try.  Hungarians reading this entry will laugh that it took us 6-months to eat only 100 grams.  We actually risk being kick-out of the country admitting to such a small amount of paprika consumption.  

Those reading this blog:  feel free to send us your favorite recipe with paprika.  Help us avoid being kicked out of Hungary :-)

Maybe I can put a "Paprika Eaten" meter on our blog..."

  - Steven


Jessie said...

Oops .. I meant to post this comment here!

I love the paprika meter - hillarious! While you're eating Paprika we're watching the March snow fall ... again! Enjoy.

marlene7038 said...

Do Ya'll like deviled eggs? That's the only thing I know of to put paprika on. Grandma Kappa taught me that. I thought it was for decoration only though. Hummm... What does it taste like?

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

Marlene, For me, paprika has a sweet, sometimes smokey taste and if you want it can be spicy. Often you have to use a lot of it, to really taste in a dish. Hungarian paprika has more flavor compared to just "regular" paprika that you might buy at Krogers.
- Steven

marlene7038 said...

Hey Steven and Diane,
OK, your Hungarian paprika sounds amazing. I would definately use it on chicken, steaks, etc... BUT... only if you are grilling the food. Also, I would sprinkle it on your food, on the grill, on a windy day just incase you want a lot of it to blow away. (does that count)? Just kidding!
I predict in a couple of months ya'll will be telling us how addicted you are to that spice and use it on everything.