Friday, March 27, 2009


"Yesterday while walking home a young man dressed in a suit asked me (in Hungarian of course) a question.  After I explained that my Hungarian is poor, he quickly switched to English.

He asked where I worked, as he was looking for a job.  He went on to explain that he recently graduated with a marketing degree from the US.  He was having a difficult time finding work.  I could tell he was frustrated and it appeared he had a long day of asking others this question either on the street or in formal meetings.  I gave him the name of one company to call and told him that his fluent English will help him greatly to find a job.  He said thanks and we parted ways.

I really admired his fearlessness to ask a stranger on the street especially a someone that really doesn't look Hungarian (at least I don't think I do).  I have to say that if I was hiring for a fundraiser, I would seriously consider him.  His fearlessness to ask is unique in any culture!"

  - Steven


marlene7038 said...

Hey Steven and Diane,
For starters, whats up with the Paprika??? Are you using it on a regular basis? Hum... I think not! Haha.
So how is the economy in Budapest? Hopefully it is better than here but, it took our country a long time to get in this mess and it will take a while before things get better. At least we have a leader that is moving fast to make positive changes.

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...


We use paprika in everything and lots of it. For example here is a recipe that we like:

Economy is really bad right now. We are like the Detroit of Europe. Political leadership here is comically focused on everything except making sound decisions.