Sunday, March 29, 2009

This one is for Grandpa Jordan: hang in there!

"Mike Kappa, Diane's father, told me today that Grandpa Jordan  is dealing with kidney stones (again!).  I had kidney stones once and--knock on wood--may I and no one else in the world ever have them.  

My sonogram technician, who was also a mother of two, told me that she had stones one time and would prefer giving birth.  I also remember my surgeon telling me that as a man gets older it is easier to pass the stone.  Huh?!?  That is like saying eating glass gets easier with age because you lose your sense of taste.

So Grandpa, 'hang in there!'"

  - Steven

1 comment:

grandma J. said...

Grandpa is still hanging in there, so is the kidney stone. Thanks for the encouragement.
Love Grandma J