Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wandering Weekend

"Diane and I had a busy and fun weekend.  We kicked-off the weekend on Friday at a bar we originally called, "Roaches" (this is a story for another day), but have since learned the real name (of which I cannot of course remember).  Éva introduced us to some yummy snacks which are like cheesy, salty, baked potato chips.  Just what I need another "potato chip" snack!

On Saturday, Diane spent half the day with her friend at a fabulous "flea market" called Ecseri Market.  It is filled with wonderful and not-so-wonderful things.  It is a antique lovers dream come true.  Ours friends, Ruth & Leo in Estonia who have the best antique store in the country, would especially find this market interesting.  Meanwhile I was at the dry cleaners, doing laundry and off to the market where I accidently bought 1 kilo of chicken (2.2 lbs) instead of 1/2 kilo.  I forgot to say, "fel kilo!"

On Sunday, good friends of ours, Éva & David, who live in Brussels was visiting Budapest.  We actually know them from Seattle!  Diane and I then went to look at a lovely flat in District XVI (outskirts of city).  It was a cute flat that is part of a home.  We need to move in April, so we'll see.  We then rounded out the day with a stop at Tesco (a version of Costco, Krogers or any hyper market de jour).

You can expect some new blogs with photos soon!"

  - Steven

Ecseri market

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grandma J. said...

Enjoyed reading about your weekend and we also enjoyed our conversation with Diane yesterday.