Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to 6-n-9

"6-n-9" you ask?  This is the time difference between Ohio/Kentucky and Seattle.  6-hours behind in Ohio and 9-hours in Seattle.

Daylight savings has finally come to Hungary this weekend.  For almost a month, we've been on 5-n-8 which made is somewhat easier to connect with people in the US.

The good news about setting our clocks 1-hour ahead is that we are truly 'springing forward.'  Today in Budapest it was 63 F (17 C) and sunny.  It felt so good.  Our spring has been cold--even snow--up until today.  Soon enough we'll be complaining about the heat which can reach 100+ F (38+ C).

Thank goodness our new flat has those old thick (really thick!) European walls with a large shade tree in our front yard.

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