Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mount Rushmore and Filet Mignon

We made it to South Dakota! We arrived late last night just in time to catch a glimpse of Mount Rushmore. We had a really hard time finding a hotel last night. Everything was booked. As we were preparing ourselves of a late night of driving, we passed a cute little motel-and it was the cheapest place we had found. We lucked out-one room left. We then made it to the last place in town that was serving food. So at 10pm last night we feasted on the best fillet Mignon with baked potatoes, Texas toast and salad all for $9! We were so happy!

We have no cell phone service but we found free internet at a coffee house. So, we are having some coffee, and then we will hit the road. Next stop The Badlands!

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Mt Rushmore



Burgundyhound said...

The last time I saw Mt Rushmore, I was driving my cat and all my wordly possessions east. It's gorgeous out there -- until you hit Kansas or whichever other endless, big square states you drive through. Then it's about having good tunes and deciding whether to pull over or just try to pee in that cup.

Patrick said...

Nice hat!

Richard said...

Meat, taters and toast for nine bucks! Send us out a truckload.