Saturday, August 23, 2008

How many men does it take to change a tractor tire?

Answer: 4
One to do the work and three to tell him what to do.
Seriously....for years now, Steve has told friends in Seattle that he knows how to change a tractor tire. Most laughed in disbelief, some stood stunned with their mouths open. Well, here is the proof. Today Bob and Steve spent a good part of the day changing a tire on a 1942 tractor.
After a long day of tire changing there is nothing better than a burger from "Rod's"
This burger was so good-really!
And don't forget the beer?
(This guy really is pouring himself a beer from the keg.
I just couldn't pass up this photo opportunity:)

Peggy (Steve's Mom) and Bob at Rod's

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Patrick said...

Steven obviously fits into the "telling what to do" category, based on the photo. Nicely done!