Monday, August 18, 2008

850 lbs

Did you ever wonder what 850lbs looked like?

Well, here you go. That big plastic wrapped mess is all 850lbs (386 kg) of our stuff!

I drove it all the way clear across America in 4 days...not really.


MadronaTom said...
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MadronaTom said...

Diane and Steven:

Thanks for sending the Blog address to your freinds at Madrona Cottages. We are glad you made it to Ohio. Jeccia and Paul finally spent their first night in you cottage. They have been unpacking and repacking for the past two weeks. Jeff is back from Mexico and had a great time volunteering. Heather and Ryan are back from their trip to Ohio(?). You will have to ask them how Cody did while they were gone.

Missing you,


Diane Kappa said...

Hi Tom,
We understand packing and unpacking. I am so tired of living out of suitcases and not knowing where everything is. Everything is going well in Ohio. It is nice spending time with family.

I think Heather and Ryan were in Iowa...:) We drove all the way through Iowa on our way here. It is a beautiful state!

Tell Patty and everyone at the Cottages we said hello!

Audrey said...

Can't you just check that in? The airline won't notice the excess baggage : )