Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Butte or Bust

We left this morning at around 8:30. We are now in Butte Montana at a Holiday Inn. All is well with the exception of the millions of bugs we killed on the way in. About 1 hour before we arrived in Butte I heard "raindrops" on the wind shield. But it wasn't raining. It was the splattering of bugs hitting our wind shield. Does anyone know what bugs they were?

8am Monday August 11...takeoff
Dinner in Montana

I love this picture. This one and the one below remind me of my moms paintings.
These were taken in Montana,

Kate made us our last dinner last night. It was exquisite.
We can not thank her enough for letting us take over her apartment for the past two weeks.
She is the best host!

Tyler Florence eat your heart out!

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