Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diane and Steven’s Top 10 Questions about their move to Hungary

1. Why Hungary?
We knew we wanted to live in Europe since Steve returned from Peace Corps in 2001. Over the past six years we have explored Central and Eastern Europe investigating different places to live. We both kept returning to the idea of Budapest. The art, architecture, people, and overall culture drew us to Hungary.

2. Do you have jobs?
Sort of. We are consultants! Diane is currently freelancing with several companies worldwide. She also has a few different consulting opportunities that look very positive. For example, one opportunity is with a European software company where she will train designers on CAD. Diane is also is excited about creating her next line of textiles in collaboration with traditional crafts people.
Steven will continue to help organizations raise funds. He is currently negotiating a contract with United Way of Hungary. He also looks forward to getting back to the type of work he did in Peace Corps (economic development) while utilizing what he learned during his recent graduate studies.

3. What do they speak and do you speak the language?
Hungarians speak Magyar (Hungarian)
Nem. (no) We took a few classes from a great teacher in Seattle. We can say the basics…where is the bathroom? Hello, How are you? The tree is next to the house (very helpful I know)…. We will begin intensive training at the end of September in Budapest. Three weeks, three hours a day, everyday. We are confident that with time we will be able to speak Hungarian. We are excited to learn the language. We have been told by Hungarians not to be afraid of mispronouncing. Their language is very difficult and Hungarians know this. When you stumble on a word they will help you. Wish us luck!

4. When do you get to Hungary? Do you have a place to live?
We arrive September 10th via a one-way ticket! We have a good lead on a very small flat in downtown Budapest. The flat is being remodeled and may not be ready by September. Not to worry! We have a few more leads.

5. How long are you going to live there?
Our plan is to live in Budapest for 3-5 years.

6. Do you need a visa to live there?
We need ‘resident permits’ to live and work in Hungary. With the help of a great friend in Hungary, we are relocating Diane’s business. Through Diane’s business we will get resident permits. FYI - you do not need a visa to visit Hungary.

7. What do your families think?
Of course they are sad and would rather us move back to Ohio. But as always, they are very supportive and we could not do this without them.

8. When can we come to visit?
Tomorrow….well, not really tomorrow. We will rent a very small flat (apartment) for the first few months. This will allow us to really get to know the city and where we want to live before committing to a long lease. We will eventually rent a flat with an extra room for you and your family to stay.

9. Have you ever been there?
Yes, twice. Once in 2004 and again in 2006.

10. Do you know anyone there?
Yes! Through our friends in Seattle and the Hungarian American Association of Washington, we have met a number of people who have been very generous with their support and help. A special thank you to Helen, Eva & David and Gene & Elizabeth.

We would like to take a moment and give credit to our very good friends Audrey and Dan who through their travels and living abroad have inspired us to make this move. Check out their awesome website


Audrey said...

Congratulations! Making the decision to move is the hardest part, so it's all easy from here on out ; )

Budapest has come up in several conversations recently in Prague, so I'm trying to collect some recommendations for you.

The kind words about Dan and me (and our website) mean a lot to us!

grin said...

Good luck from Hungary. :-) This is an interesting country to live in.

Hungarian people are often unsatisfied by life, universe and everything, so don't be surprised. I suppressed myself not to mention problematic points of living here around for longer, you better see yourself. There are lots of helpful, nice, friendly people around.