Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

We left early this morning for Gatlinburg Tennessee. After a 5 hour drive, we arrived at the cabin which looked great! It sits high up on a hill and feels like you are in a tree-house. We went into town for a bite to eat and on our way back we saw a bear!

The tropical storm Fay has caught up to us. It is 9:00 at night and the rain is coming down pretty hard. Tomorrow we will leave as early as we can get up and begin our 12 hour drive to Jensen Beach Florida. Pictures of the ocean are coming soon!

Mike (Diane's Dad) and Maya "relaxing" during the drive.

Mike in his cabin...looking well rested :)

Maya fighting to stay awake during the drive.

We all had a good laugh at this van.

Steve and Mike did some beer tasting at the pub
(These glasses are much smaller than they appear.)

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Sheri said...

Wow! Mike is looking really relaxed... Might have to print off that picture (good blackmail px). Good luck on your move. I sure wish that I could be in Cincy for your going away party, (it's been to long since I've seen you & Steve) Well, wishing you luck in your future. Keep in touch.
Aunt Sheri