Sunday, November 1, 2009

Traditions: Part 1

Two things have happened since living abroad. We celebrate traditions more than we did in Seattle. Maybe because we search for things to make us feel at home. To remind us of our childhood and to comfort us. Older age no doubt has some influence.

The secound thing is creating is the process of creating new traditions-our traditions. So, in the past two weeks we have participated in the traditions of old and the traditions of new.

We carved a pumpkin. It wasn't as beautiful as Rita but it looked pretty good. At the time of carving we also had a visitor, Flat Stanley. You can see Flat Stanley in the photo below.

After we carved our pumpkin we decided to give it to Mari and Lajos. They are the kind people who live in the house our flat is in. I don't think they have ever been given a pumpkin. Mari gave us the biggest smile when we gave her our pumpkin.
Our tradition of baking the pumpkin seeds and eating a snack after the carving. Interestingly Americans will eat the whole seed compared to Hungarians and others who fish out the seed inside the seed.
Many years went by where Diane didn't carve a pumpkin. Over the past few years, Steve has been coming home with a pumpkin and I end up carving them. It is a nice way to welcome fall.

Do you have any fall traditions?

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