Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rita the Pumpkin

Today was packed full of fun. We started off by heading to the market to buy all the ingredients for tonight's dinner...more about that later. We then headed upstairs at the market so Kätlin could experience Langos. She turned her nose up when we showed it to her but within 5 minutes she was maneuvering this big fried treat to get a bite.
Langos with sour cream, cheese and garlic
We headed up to the castle where we enjoyed a cappuccino and one of our favorite views in the city.
We finally ended up at home tired but ready to cook. Andrea came over and the four of use made a fantastic dinner! We received a great Estonian cookbook from Tiiu, Kätlin's mother. Thanks Tiiu for the cookbook! The recipes turned out to be very tasty!
Steve, Kätlin and Andrea busy at work
Tomato Tartar with Herb Cap
Home-style Apple Pancakes with Rose Hip Jam
Then the event Steve has been excited about for weeks.....The pumpkin carving!
Kätlin and Andrea were a little hesitant at first but once they saw how much fun Steve was having they wanted their turns!
The final masterpiece...
Today is our last day with Kätlin. We will head to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath for a day of realxation before we head off to the airport. Gotta run and pack my bag for the Bath!


Peggy said...

I have Katlin and Andrea on my desktop with Mr. Pumpkin!!

Peggy said...

Whoops! Miss Rita!!