Friday, October 17, 2008

Isten Hozta Kätlin!

Today was the last day of Hungarian language lessons (kár!) least the first installment. We have some of the basics down but still have a long road to travel.

Yesterday we welcomed a dear friend, Kätlin, from Estonia. Kätlin is visiting Budapest for the first time, so we are all discovering new things. We spent time at the Hungarian Ethnographic Museum. The museum is beautiful and offers an amazing collection of Hungarian traditional costumes and textiles. See photos below.

We had lunch at the
Central Kávéház near Váci utca which is a popular pedistrian street here in Budapest. Kätlin ordered a delicious dessert--see photos below--made of Hungarian túró (in Estonian: kohupiim). Túró is a delicious cheese curd, not too sweet, but very tasty. Fortunately, Kätlin shared her dessert with us.

Today was great and we expect the weekend to be even better. We are going to the main city market in the morning, relaxing at the beautiful Szechenyi thermal bath
and meeting up with our Hungarian friend, Andrea, in the evening. Stay tuned...

The picture below is a man's clothing.
Kätlin and Steven at the museum.

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