Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pizza Hut

You may be thinking to yourself, "Diane and Steve eat at Pizza Hut?". Well one thing you learn to appreciate when living someone foreign, are the familiar things - like Pizza Hut. The pizza tasted the same as in the United States. How do they do that? The restaurant itself-very different.

I will say that when we were finished with our meal we both agreed we would not eat there again. The pizza down the road at the local cafe was so much better.

note the big light that is a large pillar in the restaurant


Audrey said...

It's funny how you start to crave "things from home" when you're abroad, even if these aren't even things you ate much when home! The opening of Subway was a big deal in Prague, but the sandwiches never seemed to taste as good as I remember. I never remember buying much cheddar cheese in the States, but all of a sudden organizing cheddar cheese shipments from the UK and the US became important when we couldn't get it. Funny to think about.

On another note, we spent the afternoon in Riga yesterday. It's so different than what I remember from 1998-1999. There are cafes everywhere, a Cuban bar, even cozy French bistros. Times have changed : )

Diane Kappa said...

We have eaten at Subway also...My theory is that every little thing is different-even using the toilette. Anything that is familiar sounds good.

Riga-we spent one night in Riga years ago. I really enjoyed the city. I have always wanted to o back for an extended period of time. Sounds like Steven and I will have to schedule a trip.