Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vienna, Vienna, Vienna!

We spent a few days in Vienna this month. It is easy to do from Budapest. 3-hours by train or 2-hours by car. With the border open, there is no stopping. You just drive on through like you would in the US between states.

The first trip was special. Steven reconnected with some Peace Corps friends in particular Brenda who served in Steven's town, V├Áru, in Estonia. Brenda flew in from Santiago, Chile, where she is living with her husband and two lovely children. Two other Peace Corps-Estonia volunteers, Harald and Stephanie joined us in Vienna. They are living in the Czech Republic and made the day-trip to Austria. We also got to meet two of Brenda's lovely friends Naomi and Katalina who flew in from Geneva and Madrid, respectively. What a great weekend!

On our second trip yesterday, we joined our friends Jeremy and Zsuzsa for a day-trip to Vienna. As soon as we arrived we went to this wonderful restaurant (no tourists!) where they served simple but wonderful German food. We had bratwurst, sauerkraut, smoked ham, schnitzel and dumplings...and of course beer. We were stuffed! And this was on the heels of our Thursday (day before!) Thanksgiving feast. We are such gluttons!

On both trips we visited Vienna's Christmas markets. These markets are full of gifts, handmade crafts, amazing holiday foods and lots of hot spiced wine. It is something to see.

Here are some photos... We’ll post some more…as soon as we find the camera cable!

Steven and Brenda
The last time they saw each other was 2001.

Diane nursing some hot spiced wine.

Vienna City Hall - location of the city's largest Christmas market.

Harald, Stephanie, Brenda and Steven.
All Peace Corps Volunteers from Estonia.

Noemi, Katalina and Brenda in Vienna's historical Central Cafe.


Anonymous said...

Diane and Steven,
Enjoyed reading about your wonderful week.Photos are super. What stories you can tell during the holidays.

Peggy said...

How did this come about? Preplanned? seeing past Peacecorp friends.

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

Seeing past Peace Corps friends just kind of came together. Brenda e-mailed me to let me know she was coming to Vienna and then I discovered that Harald and Stephanie were living in Czech Republic. It was a nice surprise!