Monday, November 2, 2009

Traditions: Part 2

Halloween is a tradition many Americans celebrate. We have never been big on the whole costume thing. The last time I remember dressing up was about 10 years ago when Steve was a hot dog and I was the bun. I wish I had a photo to post-it was hilarious!

Living in Budapest you realize how small the expat community is. We heard of 5 different Halloween parties that we could attend. We decided to go to two...but what to wear?

We debated over what we were going to be....good and evil, vampires, Dorothy and the Tin Man.... We decided on....a priest and a banker. What does a priest and a banker have to do with one another? Diane was the banker asking for forgiveness for the financial crisis. Maybe a little risky, maybe a little funny. Either way we got lots of laughs and had a ton of fun!

Steve really liked being a priest. People let him
cut-in line and gave him "respect".
Photo: Begging for forgiveness.

Diane's hat was great! We rigged it with a birthday card Steve's mom sent back in July. When you moved the money on my hat you heard a "cha-ching". Unfortunately it was so loud at the parties that Diane was the only one hearing the "cha-ching" all night.
Our good friends Susan and Bill (a.k.a. Witch and Warlock)
...and Évi and Kata (a.k.a. Flamenco Dancer and cat-meow!)
Waiting for the bus-gotta save money:)
Dancing at The Iguana a Mexican Restaurant.
They can really throw a party!
What were you for Halloween?

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