Monday, November 16, 2009

Work trip to countryside

Steven started the week by visiting one of United Way's funded projects. He travelled 3-hours by train to a village in northwestern Hungary. A small village with a big name: Kemenesmihályfa.

The project engages younger adults who were injured in accidents. Specifically, this was the first-ever training camp organized for an emerging Hungarian Quad Rugby team. Quad rugby, you ask? It used to be called murderball! It is also known as wheelchair rugby.

Wikipedia describes it best: "Developed in Canada in 1977, it is currently practiced in over twenty countries around the world and is a Paralympic sport. ... All wheelchair rugby players have disabilities that include at least some loss of function in at least three limbs; most are medically classified as quadriplegic, although some are functionally closer to paraplegics. Wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court. ... The rules include elements of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, handball and Rugby. It is a contact sport and physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the game"

The Kemenesmihályfa countryside. View from the ridge of the town. Very peaceful.

The Kemenesmihályfa train "station." More a train stop. A nice older gentlemen riding by on his bike stopped over to say hello to Steven and make sure he knew which direction he was going. He also helped reassure Steven of the timetable. Steven thought that he was interested in seeing a new face in his village of 500.

Wheelchair rugby players use a volleyball instead of the rugby-style football.

Specially designed wheelchairs are used for the sport. The chairs take a beating!

Two of the players demonstrated how the game is played.
The team was practicing in an old school gymnasium.


Peggy said...

Does United Way give monies to this type of program?
Thanks for sharing.
Mom :)

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

United Way Hungary is focused on keeping kids and young people safe and healthy. With this project, we were more interested in funding an opportunity for younger people injured in accidents to come together in some social way. That we funded the quad rugby team was a bonus really. The project could have been about a similar group that came together because of their faith, interest in a specific topic or some other commonality (e.g., geography, type of injury, etc.).

Peggy said...

Thanks for the response. Common good!

Katalin said...

Congratulations here, too.

Kata :)

Jane said...

We saw the documentary, "Murderball" a few years ago. It's worth checking out. Both Dave and I liked it.

Diane Kappa said...

HI Jane,
We will have to rent it. Thanks for the info.
PS. Thinking of you in the next weeks:)