Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mangalica Festival...oink oink

The Mangalica Festival was this weekend! A fantastic pig fest! The Mangalica is a breed of pig grown especially in Hungary and the Balkans known also as a curly-hair hog.

oink oink (or röf-röf-röf in Hungarian)sleeping hogs (really, they are sleeping)
And so we ate....
We headed to the park around 1:00. Just in time to eat a hearty lunch and try pork in all forms.

We started with the thinly sliced cured ham on bread, much like prosciutto.Then we moved on to the bread, pig fat, onion and paprika.
(200 Forint is about $.85)

Next the roasted pig.
The festival had everything from music, pig slaughtering, sausage stuffing to eating! (I was not too upset that we missed the sausage stuffing and slaughtering.)
Fresh Sausage
A pig made of nuts, dried fruit and candy.
Kids playing a game where they stab the wooden knight.There was even a guy with a Falcon!
By the end of the two hours, our bellies were full and we headed home...

Two little facts about us.
1. We are from Cincinnati Ohio, also known as Porkopolis.
2. Diane's great grandfather slaughtered pigs.

Great Grandpa Woeste on the left, his brother in the front and
two neighbors on the right. Pigs in the back.


Audrey said...

Hard to believe that about a decade ago you two were vegetarians!! This made me smile as I read this :)

I am glad that you are now able to enjoy everything - meat and vegetable - that Hungary has to offer!

Anonymous said...

Poor pigs. Maybe, just maybe, you consider to be vegeterians again?


Diane Kappa said...

Yes it is hard to believe we were vegeterians....and now we eat everything from pig to bunny;)

Meat is meat and man must eat:)

Aunt Sue said...

Bunnies? It was very difficult for me to look at the pictures of these cute little fuzzy piggies, then see the pictures of the roast - ugh! Ick! Bunnies - really?

Diane Kappa said...

Sue, But how is different than eating chicken or cow? Really is it any different?

Aunt Sue said...

Yes, very different - Nibbles, Lacyjane, Dexter, Lucy???? I've never named a chicken or a cow - ha. But I could if I thought about it long enough. Just ask Grandma.

Amy said...

Great read and great pics! It is interesting to see the celebration of the pig/pork and the whole process vs. here where we eat mostly "packaged pig" product that you aren't sure where it came from or how it was butchered. Seems like, for this festival at least, they venerate the pig. And Diane looked pretty happy eating it!

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks for commenting...By the way...which Amy is this?