Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fish from Heaven

Today we went to Panka's for a second time to eat fish from heaven. This fish is very special! It sleeps all summer and can only be caught during the winter months. Her father caught these fish...this was one of the best fish meals I have ever had! I think the other best fish meal we wrote about here. THANK YOU PANKA!
Steve waiting for the metro heading to Panka and Attila's
Smoked fish spread! (The fish was caught and smoked by Panka's father. The spread was made from the smoked fish by Panka!)The fish look like little eels.
Trying to get away! (Just kidding:)
Say Cheese:)
Dessert-Little chocolate sweets with nuts and coconut!
Évi brought some delicious sweets but I forget to take a picture!
They were tasty Hungarian cakes.

Diane, Évi and PankaSteven and Diane

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