Friday, February 20, 2009

Blood Sausage!

"I had my first piece of Hungarian blood sausage (veres hurka) which I believe is literally translated as "bloody sausage" which adds a bit more emphasis to the idea.  My co-worker, Éva, and I grabbed a quick bite to eat today at the Lehel market: one piece of sausage and bread and pickles to wash it down!  The meal was only 600 forints which is about $3.  It was yummy!  I have had Estonian blood sausage and like it very much.  Hungarians prepare it differently.  The sausage is bigger, spices are different and I think they add rice (at least I hope that was rice!)." 
- Steven


marlene7038 said...

Hey Diane and Steven,
When we were little Grandma would occasionally make us, "Johnny in the blanket", we never questioned it, but it was yummy! It was black with some some small white "chunks" in it. It was fried and crispy. We later found out it was pig blood and I think those chunks were fat. It was delicious! Haven't had it in years.

Anonymous said...

If it is like the Slovak blood sausage, it had barley in it.

Peggy said...

Do not believe I care to eat Blood Sausage. You know me, I eat everything, but NOT intentionally, "blood sausage." To think what a pain it was to feed you "one time" vegetarians! Now Travis is with someone who will not eat meat!
I just ingested pumpkin pie w/cool whip and a good cup of java!!
Mom : )