Friday, February 6, 2009

2nd Annual Budapest Mangalica Festival - Part I

Coming Soon...some very interesting photos!

Ironically, our friend, Kate*, in Seattle told us about the Budapest Mangalica Pig Festival.  We plan to attend this weekend.

The Mangalica pig is rather cute by some standards with its wooly coat.  We hear too that the meat is healthier then "regular" pork--less cholesterol.

The festival offers opportunities to pet live piggies and of course eat pork prepared in all variations such as cured, smoked, boiled, fried, baked and roasted.  There will also be a sausage making contest.  Let's hope they use safety equipment.  We can just imagine a finger here, finger there going missing!  Yikes!  

There will also be disznóvágás ("pig cutting") we will get to see the whole continuum of a pig's life.  Here is some additional humorous info about piggies in Hungary--click here

* It should be noted that Kate is the daughter of a butcher and grew up on a farm! :-)

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grandma J. said...

I also grew up on a farm, and your great grandfather also butchered the pigs. I have the pictures to prove it. yuk........
Grandma J.