Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

So, the first week we were eating the same thing for every meal-the photo to the right. ( I do believe we have hit all the food groups.) Maybe it was being nervous about what we were buying or maybe it was we were so hungry we just stuck to what we knew.

We have since went to many super markets and have bought all sorts of things. Last night I made my chicken pasta dish and it actually tasted pretty similar to my US recipe. The challenging thing with food is not knowing if you are buying tomato paste, sauce or juice.

We are having a friend over for dinner on Monday and we are figuring out what we will serve. She did said that we can ask her all our stupid questions we are afraid to ask everyone else. Andrea, can you help me dye my hair? (This is Diane writing this not Steven :)

We have taken a video of our flat but my connection right now is very slow and the techno music in the background is like nails down a chalkboard...we are in a mall...we should have internet next week. I know I said next week last week. What can I say, it is taking longer than we thought. Until next time....signing out...


grandma J. said...

If those are cucumbers on the plate of food,did they taste like grandpa's cucumbers?

grandma j

Diane Kappa said...

They are cucumbers. They were pretty tasty but not nearly as tasty as Grandpas:)