Monday, September 15, 2008

Courtyards and "Control Agents"

We have moved into our apartment and love it! It is a wonderful place that is big enough to host your visit:) We will send interior photos soon. For now you will have to manage with the courtyard photos. FYI_Hungary is known for its wonderful courtyards. From the outside, a building may look old and a bit run down, then you open the doors and the inside you find a little treasure.

The courtyard to our building
Our Unit
We signed up for internet today but it will not be working until next week. So, for now we find cafes with free wifi. If you don't hear form us for a few days don't worry. We will be in touch.

We have accomplished alot in the short period of time we have been here. We got our transportation passes (see below), bank accounts, meet with a lawyer about establishing my business and resident visa's and even went out for a celebratory drink last night. We are beginning to settle into this new life and enjoying it.

These are our transportation passes. The "Control Agents"
ask to see these everytime you take any form of public transportation.
Without this in hand you pay a large fee.


Sue said...

So glad to see you bloggin again. We were getting worried. Your place looks great - can't wait to see inside. Sounds like you're settlin in and gettin comfy. So glad to hear it.

Lynn said...

Oh Steven...that picture! You've gone all Eastern European with the lack of expression! So, do you use those passes instead of just a metro card?

grandma J. said...

So happy to hear from you two again and see your smiling faces.(At least one was smiling) Just kidding. Your place sounds great. I know that you two must be very busy right now.

Diane Kappa said...

I love the comments about Steve. Funny thing is these pictures were taken in the USA....