Sunday, March 14, 2010

Return of The Blog!

When we wrote the title of this post, we were reminded of the 1950s American sci-fi, horror classic featuring Steve McQueen (his debut!). If you haven't seen the film, it is about a big amoeba that lands on Earth. It terrorizes a small community eating anything it touches. The Blob is like a big ball of fly-paper. Everything sticks to it and eventually meets it demise.

We originally viewed our blog as reflection of our own 'Blobbing about.' Our blog would show others everything that was "sticking" to us in our daily lives. Unfortunately, life became a bigger Blob and we were consumed (eaten!) by the silly and boring things that make-up your day, week, month...

Are you following this analogy? Please don't take us wrongly. Life is good, we are happy and our positive outlook is unshakeable. We contribute the silence of our blog to the end-of-winter-blahs or also known as cabin fever.

So get ready! Our blog is returning. We have planned some exciting entries with fantastic photos. And just like the movie, The Blob, our blog will be: "Indescribable...indestructible! Nothing can stop it!"

1 comment:

Karri said...

I am glad the blog is back. I missed it (and both of you, of course).