Monday, March 29, 2010

What to do at Lake Balaton? Eat a whole pig!

We were visiting Lake Balaton this past Saturday with our friends Zsuzsa and Jeremy. This was our first visit to Lake Balaton which after 1.5 years in Hungary is horrifying to Hungarians.

You will see below pictures we took of each other at Tihany (north shore town on the water). We ate a meal that will certainly clog an artery or two. The restaurant was grilling meat (yes!). They offered pork knuckle and saslik (shish-kebab). We ordered both and was served a plate piled high with onions and enough meat for 6-people! There were some token vegetables.

You will see another photo below that looks out over the lake. This photo was taken from a high-point in Tihany next to a beautiful church. The color of the water is aquamarine because of the limestone in the lake

We had a great time! ...and Steven fell asleep in the car on the way home because of so much pork in his belly!

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Peggy said...

Even this time of year, everything looks nice! The lake is a pretty color.