Friday, October 30, 2009

hot chocolate

We meet up with friends, Adri and József, for dinner last week at the super retro cool Menza Restaurant. You will remember that they took us to Adri's home town Mezőkövesd where Diane fell in love with all-things Matyo. We also shared Easter with them and our good friend Andi, her boyfriend and family.

After dinner, Adri and József introduced us to a fantstic chocolate shop. It was like a coffee house but they specialize in hot chocolate! Oh My Gosh! This was the best hot chocolate I have ever had! It was like hot pudding! I am sure it was low fat-yeah right!

That bright white thing next to the cup is a lady finger cookie...
so tasty when dipped in the chocolate!


Andi said...

There is one very good chocolate place - where you can have one of the finest hot chocolate.
It is a tiny shop between Károly körút and Semmelweiss utca

That's the NewYorkTimes' review about it.

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Andi! We will check it out!