Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hunters and gathers

I know we haven't been posting as much. I have been trying to post regularly to my design blog which means I have been bad at updating this blog. We will try to be better if you promise to be better about commenting:)

We have a tree that hangs over our garden. It has dropped a ton of walnuts! Last week we went outside and gathered all the good ones!

Diane's Grandma and Grandpa shared this photo of walnuts they picking up in their backyard...the size of a baseball!!
Do you have walnuts to pick, maybe mushrooms?


Peggy said...

We are super loaded with walnuts and never use them. The squirrels devour them all year and we have new walnut trees sprouting up everywhere. Yours look a lot less messy. Must be a different type.

Diane Kappa said...

Our were messy but we peeled the outside off when we were picking them. We need to crack into them... Maybe tonight while we carve our pumpkin:)

grandma J. said...

Hi Diane and Steven!
These nuts could be called Hickory Nuts. At least in our neighborhood that is what the neighbors call them. Used in cookies,cakes etc.
John and Bea