Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A trip to the hills

Steve left for Bucharest on Sunday. We are meeting in Vienna on Thursday! Being in Budapest is great-we are so centrally located in Europe. Vienna is a three hour train ride away. I can be in a different country in three short hours! I will meet up with him and his coworker Evi and we will hang out on Thursday and Friday and then head home on Friday evening. I am very excited for this short trip. I love train travel...especially when it is a direct route:) (Check out this posting if you missed my adventure of 3 trains, 2 subways, 2 buses and 1 car.) I will take a ton of photos and post as soon as we get back.

Another treat we have this month is house sitting for friends while they are back in the states. They have a lovely home with a TV and a fantastic view of Pest! It has been such a treat to retreat to the hills. Here is a few photos of our first adventure to their home...

We started the day by eating ice cream with friends.
This was soooo goooodd!Strawberry and lemon.
Steve found a St Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds baseball
game on TV. The game was being held in Cincinnati
Who would have thought - watch a reds game in Hungary:)
Walking back to the cogwheel to head back home we ran
across this HUGE beetle. As Steve was taking photos I took off.
I love this photo Steve took from the bugs eye view.
This is a sign near our friends home.
We title this sign "lovers ahead"

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