Sunday, July 19, 2009

Estonian Song & Dance Festival 2009

Anybody who knows Steven knows that he is always wanting to visit Estonia. It doesn't matter if it is -20 degrees in the winter or nearly 24-hours of nonstop sunlight in the summer. So missing the Song & Dance Festival wasn't easy for Steven.

The Song Festival in 1988 actually spurred on a 'singing revolution' that led to Estonia re-gaining its independence. So not only does it please the ears and eyes, but there historical significance. Diane attended the 2004 festival (they don't occur every year) and she nearly overdosed on all of the textile pattern and color. All of the performers wear their local traditional dress. It was beautiful.

Our friend, Kätlin, sent along some photos from this year's Song Festival. They live near the song grounds and visited the festival.

Kail and one of the performers

Ivo and Kail (center-right) enjoying the scene
outside of the song festival grounds.

Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn. View to the stage.
One of the largest song festivals in the world.
Not bad for a country with 1.4 million people.


Kätlin said...

Again I'm doing a little correction:). The first song festival took place in 1869. Since then it has happen quite regularly. 1860 marks the beginning of the period of the National Awakening.

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

@Kätlin - Thank you :-) Does the festival happen every 4-years? Thanks for letting post photos of your lovely family.

Kätlin said...

It was after every 4-years, but now it is after every 5 years. So, next time it will be in 2014. next Youth son festival will be in 2011. I hope you will be in Estonia 04.07-06.07.2014 :)

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