Friday, July 24, 2009

IKEA - not just furniture!

We love IKEA! Not only can you buy well designed and often well manufactured (at least for the price point) furniture and home goods, but you can buy coffee, vodka and beer. We haven't yet tried the beer but the coffee is a great 'daily grind' and the vodka is surprisingly good.

We actually did a blind taste test against a very delicious Estonian vodka call Viru Valge. We couldn't tell the difference! [Apologies to the Estonians! Steven really, really believed that the IKEA vodka would not stand a chance, especially given Steven's dislike for Sweeden's Absolute vodka]

We also turn to IKEA for jams, crackers, swedish meatballs, yummy drink syrups, salmon, lox...and the list goes on.

Does your IKEA sell all of these goodies?

Delicious whole bean coffee and vodka above. We bought some
vanilla vodka to make what Steven calls a "Cherry Pie" cocktail.
Strangely mixing apple juice and vanilla vodka (add ice)
tastes a lot like cherry pie. He picked-up this drink ironically
in Estonia from his friend, Kätlin.

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Audrey said...

About a month ago we ran into a Swedish guy in Nicaragua and we got on the topic of IKEA and food. His response, "IKEA makes it really easy to live anywhere as a Swede. I always know I can go there to pick up pickled herring."

We also knew people in Prague who used to plan their trips to IKEA around mealtimes so that they could eat Swedish meatballs at the cafeteria. IKEA really is more than just furniture!