Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday was All Saints Day. We went to the cemetery in the evening and walked along the candlelit paths...remembering.

White chrysanthemums are placed on graves.
Shops like this were everywhere outside the cemetery.

Candles of red and white lit up the cemetery.
This photo doesn't come close to representing how beautiful it was.
A memorial for a loved one.This cemetery is a popular place for
actors, musicians, painters,
sculptors, architects, writers and poets.
There is a huge Griffin at the gate of the cemetery where people gathered lighting candles and placing flowers. The Griffin is an especially powerful, majestic creature and known for guarding treasure.
Remembering Sheila (Diane's Mom).


Margaret said...

Hello Diane and Steven, I am just arriving back in NYC; decided not to go to Scotland but instead get back home for the elections. I did an absentee ballot but there is still time to do a little work, phone calls and such!

It is a good feeling to see your posts and pictures and to have some small sense of Budapest. I can understand why you chose to settle there...for the time being... It is a city that I'd like to have more time to explore.

Thanks again for your hospitality; it was such a lovely evening - felt as though we spent more than those few hours together.

Our trip went well, I'll email you about it later.

Steven, Your dancing is amazing! I'll bet anything that one of these days someone will spot your blog and try to use your brilliant choreography in some pathetic movie!

Love and best wishes, Margaret

Sue said...

Diane & Steve, What a great day and great place to celebrate and remember your mom - I miss her and miss you guys too. I read your blog every day and am grateful that you continue to post often - it lets us know that you're doing well and definitely sounds like you're enjoying life in Budapest - what an amazing place. I may never get there, but seeing it through your postings is like I'm almost there. Thanks for the update on your dad - I was hoping to hear how he was doing. I'm glad all is well with him. I love you guys and wish you all the best in this journey. Love, AuntSue

Diane Kappa said...

Hello Margaret,
Thank you for all the kind words. We had such a good time with the two of you. It was nice getting to know you.

PS. We went to the baths the following weekend and though of you and how much you enjoyed yourselves.

Diane Kappa said...

It was so nice to be in the cemetery with the people and the candles and the peacefulness. It was nice to take a moment and think about mom and light a candle for her.

I think you should try to come visit. You will be surprised how easy it is to get around-especially with two locals:)
Love you,

Jane said...

what a nice way to remember your mom...

Diane Kappa said...

Hi Jane,
There were so many people and it was so peaceful. It was really nice to light a candle and think about mom.
It is good to hear from you.

Peggy said...

My coworker Liz checks out your Blog about once a week and commented that she wished the photos of the cemetery had shown up better, but she enjoys checking in and seeing what is new.