Thursday, November 13, 2008

An evening at the Opera

Last night we went to the Opera! It was so beautiful! We saw Verdi: A Végyet Hatalma. The Opera is so close to our house. Anytime we leave our flat we walk by it. I am often jealous of the people dressed up standing on the balcony sipping their wine....last night that was us.

A few things you should know about Hungarian Opera...everyone seems to know what is playing. The arts (ballet, music, art exhibits and opera) are so much a part of the culture here. Long ago the arts were so affordable that everyone went. It is still inexpensive compared to American standards-you can find tickets under $10. I really like that Hungarians know and have such great appreciation of the arts. Enjoy the photos-it doesn't do the Opera justice. It is so beautiful!
Diane and Steve
Diane has a twin?
The main chandelier.
The Opera
During the intermission we had a class of
wine and a coffee on the balcony. What a view!
Hanging Out
A guardian Angel


Peggy said...

Beautiful pics! You two look great!

Mike K said...

Well smell me I went to the opera ha ha, that sounds great my dad use to take me to the opera it was at the zoo the singers would sing and you could hear the lions in the back ground roaring. it was neat.
I have been taking Granny to rehab three times a week and she is doing pretty good she walks around the house with out the cane (as long as she don't trip) I keep telling her to keep it with her.
I took her on a trip Tuesday to Louisville, Ky. I was invited to go on a bus trip with Croswell bus company im one of the tour guides and about three times a year they take us somewhere to show us a new spot to take our people on a trip too. and it's free.
when doe's your Dad get back we called to see if he was but no answer.
Im glad things are going well with you all (thats Ky. talk).will get back with you. We Love You.

Lynn said...

I have a pic of the opera from the outside. It's even more gorgeous on the inside!