Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greetings from Estonia!

A few photos from Vormsi, Estonia. The island was great despite the biting flies and mosquitos. Diane learned on the boat ride to Vormsi that "Vormsi" is swedish for "snake island" - no snakes were seen. More photos and stories coming soon....

arriving on Vormsi Island
the view from the house we rented-not bad
Diane and Kadi - You would think these two are sisters since they share the same love for nature and bugs.
Estonian hot tub - do you see the beer can and that black pole? This is where the logs and fire are started. The "furnace" heats the water. No electric, all natural.
The dining room we ate in every night. The most amazing view of the sea and the sunset!
Tiiu and Diane
Kaitlyn and Lee
Steven and Kail
Ivo barbecuing the chicken...a true barbecue
Tiiu and Guido
Finding and eating the most flavorful wild strawberries.
There is more flavor in these little guys than in any store bought strawberry.
Jonas missing his dad who could not able to join us.
Diane did a bit of work. The view was really inspiring for her.
The most beautiful sunsets!
A good vacation so far. More coming soon!

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Susan R said...

Love the photos, especially, the one of the hot tub and the sunset! Wish we were there!