Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July...Hungarian style

We started celebrating the July 4th at the US Embassy's 'official July 4th party' made-up of VIPs and dignitaries. We are still wondering how we got invited! The party was in the Castle District at a property that is amazing--view of the entire city looking down onto the Danube River.

On Sunday, we visited our friend's Támas and Szilvi. Their daughter, Roza, joined us as well as their (and our) friend Laci and another family friend with the same name, Laci. We had a traditional Hungarian cookout with lecsó and grilled meat...and of course delicious Hungarian wines. Diane made some 'American' chocolate chip cookies which we had with ice cream and sour cherries. The lecsó was a tasty treat!

We ended the evening with a private piano recital by Támas and Szilvi's daughter, Roza. She is an amazing classic pianist. We'll post tomorrow a short video of Roza playing. You will not believe that she is only 13-years old!

Laci, Roza and Támas - checking-out the camera. Laci is a good photographer. Hopefully, we'll have some more photos that we can post later.

Szilvi and Támas.

All of us in the garden.

Roza practicing with batons.

A sneak peek! We'll post a video clip tomorrow.

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