Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dreams do come true!

OK, the title of this post is melodramatic...but we now have a Nespresso sitting in our kitchen and the novelty is exciting. For those of you unaware of Nespresso, it is a coffee machine that uses a variety coffee pods to produce wonderful espresso. The consistency and quality are impressive given this is an automatic, pod-coffee machine which are usually uneventful. Nespresso cannot replace well-drawn coffee from an espresso machine, but it is close to the real-thing...and very convenient.

Steven was in Brussels a couple of weeks for a conference where our friends, David & Eva, sold their Nespresso machine to him. They had graduated to a traditional espresso machine that produces amazing coffee albeit it takes some time and there is art-science to making a good cup.

Steven then had to pack the somewhat large and heavy coffee machine in his luggage and drag it to Warsaw where he had another conference to attend. So this coffee machine is well travelled.

Once the machine made in Budapest, Diane stopped by the Nespresso boutique to buy the coffee pods. Yes...that is right...there is a "coffee pod" boutique. This goes to prove that you can market about anything these days. Diane bought a few boxes and registered with Nespresso's loyalty program. It is the frequent flyer program of coffee drinking!

A US Peace Corps friend of Steven's--Dan Migden--was in town and helped us inaugurate the first use. The machine is dangerous because it takes just a few minutes to enjoy a tasty espresso. We'll have to be careful how much we drink.

Our pride and joy!


Peggy said...

Congratulations on you new addition. Like the new look of the Blog too.

grandma J. said...

Enjoy that coffee! Love the blog today. (Expat)

Travis said...

I have had Coffee from a Keurig machine. I was surprise how good the cup of joe was. Your machine looks like it would eat the Kruig machine. *<

Dan said...

It was an honor to help break in your new addition to the household. Not only was the espresso extremely tasty, but the process of watching it brew was just as enjoyable.