Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mini Vacation: Döbrönte, Hungary

We took a short trip to a spa in Döbrönte, Hungary. We spent Thursday-Saturday walking to a castle, playing tennis, laying by the pool drinking mohito's and getting sunburned, eating, swimming, taking a carriage ride and playing cards. A great few days spent with dear friends talking, laughing, sharing and as our friend Bonnie would say...creating new memories. A fantastic trip! We stayed at Hotel Hasik. A fantastic hotel with everything....except comfortable beds...they were a bit too hard for all of us. One of the best parts of this short trip - no one was at this hotel. It was like we had a staff of 20 to serve just the four of us.

Here are a few photos...more coming soon....

Hotel Hasik - view from our room (castle in the background)
the coolest gutter!
the castle
Stevenour very photogenic traveling partners: Jeremy and Zsuzsaaround town

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